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Andros Island Lighthouse BahamasAndros is the largest island in The Bahamas, featuring a large creek system mysterious, mangrove-choked, bays, bights and inlets . Andros is also the least explored, which means that you'll be sharing space with more terns and whistling tree ducks than humans--and maybe even a chickcharnie or two, those mischievous mythical inhabitants that are exclusive to this island.

Reputed to be elfin creatures with three fingers, three toes, and red eyes, chickcharnies bring lifelong good luck to anyone lucky enough to see one. Andros even has its own "Loch Ness Monster," a dragon-like sea monster called the Lusca.

The island was called "La Isla del Espiritu Santo" (the island of the Holy Spirit) by the Spaniards.  

As people began to inhabit Andros, setttlements such as Staniard Creek, Nichols Creek and Mastic Point arose as the first communities. Once these settlements became overcrowded, people began to migrate to other areas of the island such as Red Bay and Fresh Creek.  At first, the settlers attempted to farm the land of Andros, but being mostly limestone, the lack of fertile soil led them to other forms of trade.

The people discovered trades such as sponging, fishing, basket weaving, woodcarving and fabric crafting which became a unique aspect of their culture. The community of Red Bay is an excellent example of the culture that thrives on Andros.

Just off the sandy white beaches of Red Bay, natives spend the day on the ocean harvesting sponges to bring back to shore.  Here the sponges go through a distinctive process of drying and cleaning to prepare them to be sold all over the world. Sponge finishing is one of the most important forms of income.

Andros is home to the second-largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, popular with divers for its blue holes & some of the deepest cave diving expeditions in the world is located here. In the inland waterways, there are huge schools of bonefish-making this an ideal fishing location.

Andros Bahamas has more to offer than any other fishing area (the reef runs for about 170 miles) in this hemisphere due to the vast fishable flats located here (either by wading or by boat). 

Andros is considered the Bonefishing Capital of the World where anglers from around the world pit there skills against the wily bonefish, and Andros flats are world-renowned for the numbers of bonefish as well as trophy-sized bonefish. Many of the flats have been found to contain large schools of bonefish weighing in at around 3-5 pounds.

The snorkeling and scuba diving is good, bird watching is fabulous, and Kalik Gold is the beer of choice. The operative word for Andros is casual.

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