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The Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel

MOTTO: Its About Our Future

Help us preserve the future of our Bahama Land, lend a helping hand

The Bahamas is a country of 700 beautiful Islands and Cays set in a backdrop of the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the Islands are more infra-structurally developed than others.

The most developed Island is the Island of New Providence, housing the capital city of Nassau. Hence in the 1960’s, women who became pregnant on any of the other Islands (Out Islands) who may not have felt comfortable giving birth with the assistance of a Midwife opted to relocate to the capital for the event.

If there was no one on the Islands to be caregiver to her other children, she would advise the Hospital or Social Services for assistance in securing shelter for her children. Out of these requests, a need was seen for the construction of a temporary Childcare Facility. In 1962 a group of clergymen opened a temporary care shelter in the Oakes Field area for newborn babies and children up to 11 years old.

The Kiwanis Club of Nassau later erected a building situated on an acre of prime land, which was part of a residential area located on McKinney Drive off Carmichael Road in the southwestern district of New Providence, now more popularly known as City 2000.

The Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel was incorporated in April 1970 under Section 59 of the Companies Act as a non-profit charitable organisation. It was formed for the purpose of providing administrative and financial management of the emergency placement facility that was originally started by the Kiwanis Club of Nassau. The sole purpose of the Hostel is to provide temporary accommodation, food, clothing, medical care and other necessities for the benefit of abandoned and neglected children, until more permanent arrangements could be made for their welfare.

The current Administrator of the establishment whenever referring to this Institution, calls it a "home" and it is just that, a Home for children whose ‘biological’ environment has broken down, usually due to no fault of their own.

The Home is ideally capable of housing approximately 35 children at any given time. In the past, before additional space was constructed, over 50 children would be accommodated at any given time. However due to the purpose of the Home – a shelter for indigent, disadvantaged children - and the needs of the children becoming more and more complex over the years, the provisional needs of the children was better served by having a smaller clientele.

The Home is a charitable non-profit Organization that strives on donations, and funds raising, from the Church, Civic and Business Organizations, the Government, and individuals from the Private Sector. As partners with the Bahamas Government through the Ministry of Housing and Social Service’s Department of Social Services, the Hostel receives a grant to subsidize the payroll costs. The Department also provides an Administrator, who is also a trained Social Worker, along with a Case Aide and a Social Worker’s assistant.

The Hostel is operated by a Board of Directors set that oversee the Home and handle its administrative and financial management. The Administrator looks after the childcare and housekeeping management of the Home.

Mr. Arthur Peet - Chairman of the Board of Directors and the children of the Builders club, Carlton Francis Primary School
The Board consists of volunteers from the Kiwanis Clubs in New Providence, private citizens and representatives of Government agencies related to childcare welfare.

In the past the Friends of the Hostel, a special fund-raising Committee, spearheaded a Ball to provide additional funding for the Home. This Committee has not been functional in the past few years. The Administrator and Staff of the Home have implemented various methods to supplement the funding of the Home’s operations.

In February 2001 the Home hosted its first annual Gift of Love Event. The purpose of the event was twofold: to raise funds for the Home and to educate the public and heighten its awareness to the needs of the Home in the community. This project was held again in 2002. With the costs of suppliers and services continuing to rise and with the increasing need to provide adequately for the children in a modern, technological age, The Hostel is always in need of assistance whether in direct donations of cash, supplies or services. There is always a need for improvement in the facilities and services to the children.

Contact & Donations


Mrs. Katie Gardiner


1-242-361-7471 Fax


P.O. BOX CR 54506

Mrs. Nakita Adderley-Smith

Mrs. Michelle Patterson

Mr. Philip Stubbs


Mrs. Tracey Musgrove, administrator at the Bahamas Children's Emergency Hostel said, “The Board of Directors, Staff and Children of the Bahamas Children's Emergency Hostel (BCEH) are once again grateful to a caring corporate citizen in the person of Mrs. Dolores Lleida and Bahamas Gateway for assisting us in another realization of the Hostel's vision, that is a mini-website on Bahamas Gateway's website.

The Hostel is conscious of the fact that so much more can be accomplished through the use of information technology, and the mini-website is another step in our plans and goals to get the message out to the masses about our organization (BCEH), our work, our needs, and how the public can assist. 

God continues to bless us through people like Mrs. Lleida and Bahamas Gateway. We truly appreciate their efforts. Again, thank you, Bahamas Gateway and may God bless you in your endeavours".

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