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Bahamian Lingo
Do Bahamians speak English? We certainly do-granted, it is a special version of the English language-truly our own! Used by the ‘grass roots’ people of the Bahamas and also by educated Bahamians who want to relate to their roots! Non-Bahamians of this world certainly would have a difficult time understanding the ‘Bahamian lingo’!

So if you plan to visit our beautiful islands, herewith is a brief language course which hopefully will help make your stay a little easier to ‘understand’.



1- I am a tourist. You are a tourist. 1- I’s a tourist. You is a tourist.
2- I am happy. You are happy. We are all happy. 2- I happy. You happy. We all happy.
3- I swim everyday. 3- I does swim erry day.
4- I will see you on the beach. 4- I guh see you on duh beach.
5- I danced at the club yesterday. 5- I dance at duh club yesterday.
6- The three conch shells were beautiful. 6- Duh tree conchs shells was beautiful.
7- We come from different countries. 7- Ve come from diff’ren countries.
8- The children are watching the fish. 8- Duh chirren dem is vatchin’ duh fishes.
9- She told me that she had traveled far. 9- She tell me say she travel far.


Biggety: bold, loud, outspoken -- He a ‘biggety’ man!

Buck up: hit, crash -- My car ‘buck up’ to duh tree.

Chief: friendly way to address someone -- Hey ‘Chief’ welcome to the Bahamas!

Cut Eye: look of hatred, contempt

bulletYou have to be born Bahamian to give a proper ‘cut eye’!
bulletHe cut his eye at dem; deh give him one big ‘cut eye’.

Duff: fruit-filled boiled dough.

bulletFavorite Bahamian dessert-Guava Duff-must be tasted to believe! Delicious!!!

Erl: oil -- Fry dem fish in duh erl! Put some ‘erl’ in your car!

Ferl: foil -- Wrap dem fishes in duh ferl!

Gat: got -- He gat plenty money!

Gatte: Have to -- I gatte (e pronounced as double ee) go to duh beach.

Musse: Must be -- He musse (e pronounced as double ee) cold- look how his teet dem chatterin’!

Gone: farewell -- Deh gone to duh hotel. I gone (goodbye).

Grabalishus: greedy -- He grabalishus duh way he take all duh money!

Jam up: crowded, full -- Dat room vas jam up!

Jook: poke, stick -- He jook me in my leg!

Kerpunkle up: drunk, intoxicated -- He kerpunkle right up!

Muddo: exclamation of excitement -- Well, muddo, you see size a dat fish!!!

Sip sip: gossip -- sip sip gat it dat her husband scheme (cheat) on huh!

Tief: steal -- He tief all duh fish them from duh dock!

When you have the flu you might say something like this:
‘Muh bones achin’, I sneezin’, my ears dem ringin’, dis cold killin’ me!’

what vut
when ven
where vere
why vy
welcome velcome
women vimmen
wet vet
three tree
this dis
that dat
throw trow
theater teaduh
very wery
victory wictory
vicious wicious
Well, folks that’s it!

I hope yenna can unerstan vat vee Bahamians is talkin' 'bout naw.

Good luck and have a wonderful vacation in the Bahamian Islands.


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