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Common Questions

If you plan to visit The Islands Of The Bahamas and need information, this page has answers to recent questions. If you are still searching for answers, try  Bahamas FAQ or check with our search engine containing the largest database of Bahamian ONLY web sites or ask your question on our Bulletin Board.

bulletWhat is the legal drinking age in The Bahamas? Is there a legal gambling age?
bulletWhy are there so many banks?
bulletWhen are the casinos open?
bulletWhy do you drive on the left?
bulletHow big is New Providence?
bulletHow many people live here?
bulletWhat are the shopping hours?
bulletDo you have a siesta like some southern countries?
bulletCan I make a left turn on a red light?
bulletWhat are the banking hours?
bulletIs nude sun bathing permitted anywhere?
bulletWhat is a ‘potcake’?
bulletBahamas FAQ
What is the legal drinking age in The Bahamas?
      Is there a legal gambling age?

Eighteen is the legal age in The Bahamas for drinking, gambling (non-residents only allowed to gamble in The Bahamas), and voting.

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Why are there so many banks?

Offshore banking and finance is the second-largest industry here, after tourism, accounting for about 15 per cent of the GDP. for more detailed information, pick up a copy of the Bahamas Handbook.

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When are the Casinos Open?

The Crystal Palace Casino at Cable Beach and the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island, are open 24 hours. Gaming tables are open 10am-4am. On Sat & Sun, gaming tables at Crystal Palace Casino are open 24 hours.

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Why do you drive on the left?

It is a throwback to the British way of driving. The biggest danger for pedestrian visitors is looking the wrong way when crossing the street. Always remember to look right first on a two-way street.

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How big is New Providence?

New Providence is 21 miles long and seven miles wide. (Paradise Island is 5 ½ miles long and 2/3 miles wide.)

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How many people live here?

The last official census result was in 1990. At that time, there were 171,542 people living in New Providence, and 254,685 in The Bahamas. The 1998 Bahamas’ population was about 293,700. Projected estimate for the year 2000 is 302,836.

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What are the shopping hours?

Usual store hours in The Bahamas are 9am-5/6pm. Stores in shopping malls stay open until 8/9pm and some are open on Sunday. Grocery stores are open 7-10am on Sunday and holidays.

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Do you have a siesta like some southern countries?

No. the Bahamas observes the regular working hour tradition of most of the English-speaking world, with one hour off for lunch.

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Can I make a left turn on a red light?

No. Although we drive on the left, it is illegal to make a left-hand turn on a red light.

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What are the banking hours?

Commercial banks are open Mon-Thurs 9:30am-3pm and Fri until 5pm. They are closed Sat and Sun. Banking is available through ATMs 24 hours a day at numerous branches.

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Is nude sunbathing permitted anywhere?

Nudity is not allowed in public areas, although the occasional woman goes topless on some beaches. The Bahamas’ only clothing optional resort is on Cat Island.

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What is a "potcake"?

The Bahamian mixed breed dog is referred to as a ‘potcake’. according to local lore, the name comes from a time when these dogs were fed leftover peas ‘n rice stuck to the bottom of the pot, commonly called the "pot cake".

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