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Bahamian Recipes (E-book) - A Taste of the Bahamas

Over 50 Simple-To-Cook Recipes now available to Bahamas Gateway readers for Only $6.95 US in MS E-book format.

This completely new regional Electronic-Book features Fritters and more fritters, Bahamian Ham & Banana Mix, Island Minced Pie, Rumball Cookies, Boiled Fish, Johnny Cake, Goombay Smash, and many more favorites ''from the islands of ocean blue where Columbus landed in 1492.'' 

The light, luscious, tropical, and healthy Bahamian cuisine derives from seafood, which is a principal industry as well as a local food staple. Nourished and supported by the local catch for centuries, the Bahamians have perfected a spicy cuisine using their traditional conch, grouper, crawfish, pigeon peas, breadfruit, guava, mango, and a variety of hot pepper sauces.

The conch, pronounced ‘konk’, is served, cooked or uncooked, in chowders or fritters, or added to soups, salads, and stews. 

Other delicacies include land crabs and local spiny lobsters, which are boiled, baked or steamed and served with pigeon peas, rice or grits, or minced into salads and soups. Popular dishes also include boil fish served with grits and stew fish served with vegetables. 

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Try and enjoy any one of these recipes for a taste of the Bahamas! 'Ya Mon' 

Be sure to stock up on hot sauce, Bahamians love hot & spicy food!!

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