Bahamian Culture

Bahamas Culture, Bahamas TravelThe people who live in The Bahamas are predominantly of West African descent who were captured and forced into slavery on the cotton plantations in the Americas.

Most white residents of the Bahamas are descendants of the first English settlers (English Puritans ), who emigrated to Bermuda in 1647 to gain religious freedom and settled on the island of Eleuthera. 

The culture is a melting pot of many native customs ranging from the indigenous "Indian" people who populated the Bahamas, including West African, English and  other cultures who  over the past three or four centuries, arrived in the Bahamas. 

People from many diverse backgrounds, such as British Loyalists (accompanied by slaves) fleeing America after the War of Independence, Bermudan slaves, people from other Caribbean islands, and many other nationalities.

Bahamian culture today has been shaped by their experiences, beliefs and lifestyles. 

Want to learn more about the culture of the Bahamas?  We have fascinating information both current and historical.  Check out the Bahamas history page. Learn about the fantastic People-to-People Program that allows you to spend time with a Bahamian Friend and experience the real Bahamas!  Find out more about Straw Work, a truly Bahamian craft. Or enjoy our Bahamian Recipes for Conch chowder and more!  To experience Bahamian culture and art, you should make plans to attend Junkanoo, if at all possible.  The Grammy Award winning Baha Men are featured in our Art/Music/Dance section.  The "Golden Girls" bring international attention home to the Bahamas after their performance at the Sydney Olympics.

History --
History shapes today. See how past events have shaped the Bahamas of today!
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Learn about Bahamian politics on the Bahamas Islands. 
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Try these many mouthwatering recipes from Islands Of The Bahamas. We have the finest collection of Bahamas recipes.
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Fantastic people, warm hearted and sharing. Relax in our islands.
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Listen to authentic Bahamian music as well as current popular Bahamian musicians. See our Bahamian art. Check out our section on Bahamian Straw Work.
Junkanoo -- 
Experience Junkanoo, a culturally rich festival that takes place during the dark hours of morning on the 26th of December and  is unique to The Islands Of The Bahamas.
Legends -- 
Read and experience Bahamian legends. Our rich heritage has produced many tales for dark nights. But, there again, are they just tales?
Bush Medicine --
Do plants growing in The Islands Of The Bahamas have healing properties? Read why traditional bush medicine is still practiced on the islands today.
Athletics -- 
At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney last fall, the five "Golden Girls" of the Bahamas proudly accepted four gold medals and one silver medal—an amazing record for a country this small.
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Ask our many Bahamian experts about life, legends, things to do and see in the Bahamas. The board is free and Hoteliers, Travel agents, etc., will gladly answer your questions.