Customs Information
Bahamas Customs:
Visitors arriving in The Bahamas may bring in the following items free of customs duty & stamp tax: apparel, toilet articles & similar personal effects; one qt. of alcoholic beverage; on qt. of wine, 1 lb. of tobacco or 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars; & other articles up to the value of $100.
US Customs:

Returning US residents may take home duty-free items valued up to US$600.- retail, provided they are properly declared to the customs inspector. All items must accompany the traveler to be considered duty free. The $600.- duty-free exemption can be claimed once every 30 days, provided the resident has been outside the US for 48 hrs. The $600.- exemption may be pooled for a family living in the same household & traveling together, ie, a family of our can take home $2,400.- worth of duty-free goods.

In the exemption: The $600.- exemption limits the amount of alcoholic beverages & tobacco products that are duty free. Residents 21 yrs. & over are allowed two liters (67.6 oz.) of alcoholic beverages if one liter is manufactured in The Bahamas or another CBI country. One hundred cigars (not Cuban origin) & 200 cigarettes may be imported duty free. US residents can, of course, take more than $600.- worth of goods into the US. Up to $1,000.- beyond the $600.- exemption will be assessed at a flat duty rate of 10% based on the fair retail value in The Bahamas. Members of a family who live & travel together may pool their $1,000.- flat duty rate. ie, an eligible family of four could divide up articles worth $4,000.- at fair retail value for entry at the flat duty rate. The flat rate can be used only once every 30 days.

Canada Customs:

Duty-free allowances for Canadian residents depend on the time spent outside Canada. After 24 hrs. absence or more, any number of times a year, any Canadian resident, including infants, may bring goods to the value of C$50.- (excluding tobacco & alcohol). After 48 hrs. absence, any number of times a year, residents may import up to C$200.- worth of duty-free merchandise carried by hand or in luggage. This may include 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes & 40 oz. of liquor in one or more bottles. After seven daysí absence or more any number of times per year, residents may take home from The Bahamas, or any other area outside Canada, merchandise worth up to C$500.- duty-free. Duty-free items must be for personal or household use, or as gifts. They are not exempt if for sale or for business.

UK Customs:
UK residents may take back from The Bahamas the following items free of duty & tax (after a visit for more than 24 hrs.):
cigarettes: Up to 200 or 50 cigars, spirits: two liters of still table wine & one liter of spirits-you must be at least 17 years old to import spirits, perfume: 50g of perfume or 60cc (2 fl oz) & 250 cc (8.3 fl oz) of toilet water, other: 145 English Pounds worth of other goods including gifts & souvenirs. Goods brought into the UK & worth more than 145 Pounds will have duty charged on the full value.