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Hurricane Information
The hurricane season in the Bahamas lasts from June 1st to November 1st.
The way in which the strength of a hurricane is determined is to measure its intensity as it progresses. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale gives hurricanes a 1-5 rating based on factors such as wind speed & storm surge. The scale is essential for hurricane warnings and to estimate what level of damage can be expected from a particular hurricane.

Category 1: Winds 74-95 m.p.h.; storm surge generally 4-5 ft. above normal.
Category 2: Winds 96-110 m.p.h.; storm surge generally 6-8 ft. above normal.
Category 3: Winds 111-130 m.p.h.; storm surge generally 9-12 ft. above normal.
Category 4: Winds 131-155 m.p.h.; storm surge generally 13-18 ft. above normal.
Category 5: Winds 155 m.p.h. + ; storm surge generally 18 ft. + above normal.

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