Do's & Don'ts While Vacationing in The Bahamas

DO shop at the straw markets, located on Bay Street & Cable Beach.

DON’T miss a chance to go dancing, Bahamians love to dance & party!

DO go out clubbing at Waterloo, The Last Quarter & The Zoo.

DON’T step on black spikey looking creatures in the ocean (sea urchin).If you do, pour hot wax on your foot (Bahamian secret).

DO go to the ‘fish fry’ on Arawak Cay for conch salad and cold Kalik beer.

DON’T go wondering alone at night. Like any other city in the world, keep your guard up.

DO visit the Aquarium at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

DON’T forget when you are driving to stay on the left side of the road.

DO stroll down ‘Bay Street’ for some out-of-this-world shopping!

DON’T spend all your money, you will need $15.- for departure tax at the airport when leaving the Bahamas.

DO enjoy the sun, sea and sand, but make sure you use sun screen.

DON’T leave without sampling Bahamian cocktails-Bahama Mama, Bahama Papa & Bahamian Delight.

DO sample gin & coconut water-a true, true Bahamian tradition!

DON’T climb the coconut trees to get your own coconuts, though.

DO visit Government House, in particular the changing of the Guard.

DON’T miss ‘Junkanoo’-Boxing Day & New Year’s Day every year.

DO go island hopping, by boat or plane-overnight or just for the day.

DON’T miss native fruit, such as: sour sop, sea grapes, sugar apples, mangoes & sappadillies.

DO ride on a ‘Jitney’ (public transportation)-quite an experience!

DON’T miss the water sports-diving, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat ride, etc.

DO take a ‘booze cruise’ down at Prince George dock.

DON’T wear shoes. Go barefoot like an ‘Island Boy or Girl’.

DO visit local Museums & Galleries to view local culture & history.

DON’T wear your watch while visiting. It doesn’t matter what time it is!

DO rent a jet ski for fun & excitement in the water (be safe).

DON’T leave without going beachcombing for seashells.

DO eat at Rudy’s on Cowpen Road for a Bahamian breakfast or lunch-a Bahamian secret. (Take a taxi)

DON’T be afraid to try local delicacies-souses, smothers and boils. Everything fried is good!

DO come back over & over again because ‘ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH’!!!

DON’T wait too long before you come back to visit us!!!

The hottest nightclub in the Bahamas is the Bahamas Boom Beach Club located in downtown Nassau-a DEFINITE DO!!!!!!!!!!  


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